Two JetEdge waterjet cutting machines. Capable of cutting up to 6” thick on a 15’ x 22’ table. Both machines have dual heads for more efficient cutting times. They run at 60 psi and use 60 grit alluvial garnet, with finer grits available if needed. These machines are very reliable and can run “lights out” when needed.


Our ESAB AvengerX plasma cutting machine can cut up to 5” thick. It also is capable of running with water injection for high definition cutting up to 2” thick. The table is a large 14’ wide x 44’ long allowing it to run long jobs or multiple jobs without stopping to unload and re-load material.

Nesting software

Jacquet West also has the world renowned Sigmanest software. This software allows Jacquet West to maximize our nesting capabilities. So do not hesitate to send us your .dwg and .dxf files.

Additional services

We can also provide additional services through other Jacquet locations such as 5 axis waterjet, lathe cutting and bar cutting. Jacquet West also works with vetted local partners to offer other services such as: Laser cutting, Saw cutting, Heat treating, Polishing, Grinding, Machining, Drilling, Milling & Beveling as needed.

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