News from JWE - June 19

Wall Street Journal Survey

A Wall Street Journal survey of Small business manufacturing CEO’s in April showed a definite feeling of optimism. Companies with $5-9 million in sales: 58.9% increase in sales, 28.5% remain the same, 8.9% decrease in sales. Companies with $10-20 million in sales: 63.63% sales increase, 27.2% remain the same, and 9.1% sales decrease. How is the Overall Economy vs a year ago: 32.3% improved, 52.8% remained the same and 14.3% worsened.

JACQUET West now stocks 310S stainless steel

JACQUET West has just brought in a few thicknesses of 310S stainless steel. SAE 310 stainless steel is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel used for high temperature application up to 2,100°F. The high chromium and nickel content give the steel excellent oxidation resistance as well as high strength at high temperature. This grade is also very ductile, and has good weldability enabling its widespread usage in many applications. 310 / 310S find wide application in all high-temperature environments where scaling and corrosion resistance, as well as high temperature strength and good creep resistance are required.

JACQUET West is soon to be stocking nickel alloys 400 & 625

JACQUET West has ordered inventory in alloys 400 and 625 in gauges .25" thick up through .75" thick. Alloy 400 is alloyed copper and nickel and perfect for seawater corrosion resistance. And Alloy 625 is a nickel- based superalloy that possesses high strength properties and resistance to elevated temperatures. It also demonstrates remarkable protection against corrosion and oxidation. Its ability to withstand high stress and a wide range of temperatures, both in and out of water, as well as being able to resist corrosion.

Manufacturing jobs update

Manufacturing added only 4000 jobs in April, with the net gain coming entirely in non-durable goods. This was in contrast to the overall strong jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Total nonfarm employment rose by 263,000 jobs in April. The US unemployment rate dropped to 3.6% from 3.8% in March. A more than 49 year low. Some durable goods categories posted gains, including semiconductors, transportation and miscellaneous manufacturing. While others posted losses, including machinery, primary metals and motorized vehicles and parts. Manufacturing jobs had peaked in June of 1979 at 19.7 million jobs (not seasonally adjusted). Then dropped to a low of 11.34 million jobs unadjusted in February 2010 due to the severe recession. Most recently they have risen to 12.83 million jobs unadjusted as of April 2019.

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